I have cmake 3.2.2 but cmake-gui shows 2.8 and some packages can not be configured using cmake-gui because they asked for the new version. is there away to install cmake-gui 3 or to make it recognize the last version installed? Have a nice day! Ibraheem


The cmake-qt-gui package from repository depends on 2.8 cmake. To make it recognize 3.2.2. you could try to mess with symlinks by setting cmake 2.8 link to the new cmake. But I can't guarantee that it will work and doubt that it will have the same the functionality.

But if you build cmake from source, you can get new cmake-gui. Open bootstrap file, scroll down and set:


Then configure, build and install cmake. It might be better to delete cmake-qt-gui 2.8 version first, as I am not sure what will happen if you have both.

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