Seems like I've accidentally uninstalled some package in 15.04 but I lost autocomletion in Time&Date location dialog. It still works on "Time&Date" tab, but doesn't work on Clocks tab/Choose locations...

Any ideas on how to fix this? Or maybe how to add the city manually in that dialog?



This is a confirmed bug:


The launchpad link contains a temporary fix. It has been fixed but is waiting to make it's way to the stable repos.

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My own manual workaround:

  1. Look for necessary timezones:

    find /usr/share/zoneinfo/ -iname 'kiev*'

  2. Set them:

    gsettings set com.canonical.indicator.datetime locations "['Asia/Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg', 'America/Montreal Montreal', 'Europe/Kiev Kiev', 'Europe/Minsk Minsk']"

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