For more than a week or so whenever I use one of the cursor keys, page up or down, home, end or delete, it takes a screenshot and asks if I want to save to clipboard. I checked Ubuntu Keyboard shortcuts and it seems to have the default shortcuts (Print, Alt+Print, Shift+Print...). I'm sure I don't have to tell you how annoying it is this behaviour when editing text or just trying to fast forward when viewing a video. Thanks. I'm using ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Screenshot 3.10.1.


I have installed Zorin 9.1 and I press CTRL + ALT + PRINT keys and take a beautiful screenshot. I have shortcuts into start // control panel // keyboard // shortcuts.

If you can not then: You must have installed gnome-screenshot that you can search in the software center of Ubuntu, i take always screenshots with this program because it have a time (waiting in seconds) for take a screenshot.

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