I have Ubuntu and Windows 7 on my computer. Now I have a problem, I want to hide the desktop.ini and Thumbs.db files Windows automaticly creates.

I can't rename all files to .desktop.ini and .Thumbs.db. If I do this, Windows creates new desktop.ini and Thumbs.db files.

Adding those files in the ".hidden" file in the home directory don't help me either.

How can I hide desktop.ini and Thumbs.db in directories when I use Ubuntu?


You have to use .hidden on all the folders that contain the files you want to hide.

Lets say you have 3 folders with photos

folder1 folder2 folder2

You have to create a .hidden file for folder1, folder2 and folder3. Not just 1 file in your ~/user.

  • Oh, it's bad. i think, that i can only add .hidden file in home foldier
    – Sk8er
    Sep 29 '11 at 16:32
  • See #18451 for automating the task.
    – aquaherd
    Sep 29 '11 at 16:36

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