Is there a xfce desktop switch widget for pulseaudio volume control? I have a wireless speaker and I hate having to open pulseaudio and change the output setting everytime I turn it on or off

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Yes there is, it is called pasystray

sudo apt-get install pasystray

press ALT + F2 and type


to start it up.

Next, you need to add the "notification area" to the xfce panel if not already added.

Finally, you will see a speaker icon on the desktop panel. Click the icon to adjust the speaker. Go to startup applications and add it there to make it start up at startup.


For pulseaudio there is module-switch-on-connect designed to switch the output sink to any new sink as soon as a connection was established.

To test this module we can issue the following command in a terminal:

pactl load-module module-switch-on-connect

After restarting the pulseaudio server (pulseaudio -k) this module will be unloaded again.

In case we are happy with the way it operates we can always load this module with out default.pa (usually located in /etc/pulse/) by adding the following line

load-module module-switch-on-connect

It is possible in "Audio Mixer Plugin".
Probably it is included in the xfce4-mixer package.


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