I would like to print multiple files using lp or lpr.The problem is that no matter how hard I have tried I can't make it print the files that I want in colour. Also I would like to add a lines counter on the printed files if this is possible of course.If lp or lpr are not capable of doing so please feel free to suggest another solution.


I have had trouble printing in color with lp and lpr (especially with hp printers). It may be a driver issue, as some of the default drivers in Ubuntu have issues. Have you tried installing the manufacture's drivers? If this is an hp printer try installing the hp-lip package from the repositories.

  • Actually my device is connected to the network via an Edimax print server. HP-LIP is unable to detect it no matter what. "Printers" of Ubuntu though can discover it. Do you know how can I make HP-LIP find it? – und3rd06012 Jun 13 '15 at 17:24

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