I want to give Unity a try but still need some docklets that are provided by Docky, until Unity gets more flexible.

Is there a way to prevent Docky from managing windows without a launcher. Otherwise I have both, Unity and Docky, managing my open windows, which is a waste of space.

There has already been a question about unchecking the named option, what seems to be not possible by default: "uncheck-manage-windows-without-launcher"

The answer was an explanation, why one of the docks in Docky does have to manage windows.

I am searching for a tweak, to change that behavior. Since there is a tweak to hide the "Anchor-Icon" in Docky "Remove Anchor in Docky", maybe it is possible to hide Docky's "window-manager" as well.


To my knowledge, you cannot stop Docky from using the window manager feature. The best you can do is find another Dock that allows you to do that.

  • That's not the answer I was actually hoping for, but thanks for your reply. I have switched to AWN and I do not regret it up to now. CU – YSN Oct 1 '11 at 8:24

You could go to this site which I am sure will fix the problem. It worked for me. http://wiki.go-docky.com/index.php?title=Documentation and click on Super Secret GConf Settings under Expert Settings and you will find that you can change the WindowManager from True to False

All the best David

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