I tried to remove Spideroak with autoremove command. But I still have the Spideroak Hive. Can somebody help me, how to remove Spideroak completely. Thanks


Looks like you could have done that with ...

sudo apt-get remove --purge spideroak

But you need to delete that yourself since it is a user folder. From their site:

Deleting your SpiderOak Hive

When you uninstall SpiderOak, your SpiderOak Hive folder will remain. However, the files in Hive will no longer be synced.

To delete the SpiderOak Hive folder, you must delete the actual folder itself. Deleting shortcuts to the folder will not remove the folder and its data from your computer. Make sure you have removed any files and folders you wish to save from your Hive before deleting the folder.

Linux users: the original folder can be found at /Users//SpiderOak Hive/"

So from command line

rm -rf ~/SpiderOak Hive/
  • Tip: use "tab" to autocomplete it so the space is correctly shown ;)
  • Warning: this WILL delete all your files inside the directory.

You can also delete it from Nautilus (go to Home and shift-delete the directory).


First purge the package itself:

sudo apt-get purge spideroak

Then you should remove the directory created in your home named SpiderOak Hive

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