I've bashed around on this one for awhile, no pun intended. I just want to open my todo list url in my browser every time my computer wakes from suspend. The command to do this normally is easy:

xdg-open https://complice.co/

...but that doesn't work, because "Please start Google Chrome as a normal user." Same if I try sensible-browser.

So then I try

sudo -H -u malcolm bash -c 'sensible-browser "https://complice.co/" >> "$LOGFILE"'

...and this totally works if I'm just in a terminal as root, but if I try to put it in a /etc/pm/sleep.d/ script, then it fails silently. I tried

sudo -H -u malcolm bash -c 'sleep 10; sensible-browser "https://complice.co/" >> "$LOGFILE"' 

...but it seems that the process is killed before sleep 10 finishes. (Based on trying sleep 10; echo "WAT" >> "$LOGFILE";)

This feels like it should be simple, but I'm pretty stuck.


What works for me is to place this script bellow into /etc/pm/sleep.d/ call it 70resumescript.sh, and give it executable permissions with sudo chmod +x scriptname.sh. In addition, I wrote the script with sudo nano scriptname.sh so that the script will be owned by root. So the script must have +x permission and be owned by root. Feel free to modify the scrip to suit your needs


case "$1" in
        # date >> /home/serg/LOG
        # echo "Script runs" >> /home/serg/LOG
        DISPLAY=:0 ; export DISPLAY
        sleep 4
        su serg -c 'firefox google.com'
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