I switched recently to the Gnome desktop environment. I was running Xubuntu, but got fed up with the bugs so decided to install Gnome-Shell.

All was fine until I removed Xubunt and Xfce in an attempt to resolve a SUSPEND issue.

Now the session list button (the Gear ICON) and top row icons are no longer showing. If I click on the place where they are meant to be the menus show.

Missing gear icon: IMAGE

It seems to have lost its icon theme. I have installed GDM3SETUP which allows me to alter theming of the GDM, however the icons do not register.

Is there a way to reset the GDM? I have tried purging and manually removing all GDM files I could find, then reinstalling, but the same issue.... I suspect that a setting somewhere is being remembered and not being cleared.

Any ideas where the conf file is for the GDM?

Gnome 3.10 (Ubuntu 14.04)

GDM Version



Tried updating cache

sudo /usr/bin/gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache

I found that the issue is that some icon themes are not being applied correctly.

What I did to resolve my issue.

  1. Reinstalled using synaptic all files relating to: gnome-shell* gnome-session* gnome-icon* gnome-desktop gnome3

  2. Using GDM3SETUP applied a theme

Not sure why there is an issue here, probably has something to with the initial installation which was Xubuntu.

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