Is there a way of exporting and importing Plasma5 settings like settings for the taskbar, dophlin, shortcuts and so on and import them for a new user or on a new installation?


Configuration files are stored in ~/.config and ~/.kde/share (for KDE apps). If you want to get the configuration for a specific program, look for a file containing the program's name and ending in rc or .conf. Some examples are

  • ~/.config/dolphinrc
  • ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc
  • ~/.config/kde.org/plasmashell.conf

Be careful, though, as some programs may store their configurations in unexpected places. Some configurations also may not work if the new user has a different name from the old one (for example, one line in my amarokrc is 1=./home/andrew/Music - this would be different depending on the username) or if they are a different person than the old user (~/.config/emaildefaults stores the user's preferred email address).

Some programs may even have several configuration files containing different data! Picmi, for example, uses ~/.config/picmirc to store high scores, and ~/.config/picmi/picmi.conf to store the previous window position.

If this is just to transfer a single user's settings to the new computer, you could likely get away without changing anything (I copied my entire user folder over when I switched computers, because I had the same username on both machines), but otherwise you'll need to be careful about what files you keep and what files you leave behind.

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