How can I do duplex printing on a Brother DCP-7065DN printer in Kubuntu 14.10? When I install the printer as a new printer, there are three eligible choices among the Brother drivers: "DCP-7065DN (brlaser3)" and "DCP7065DN" (twice). Which one works?

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I solved the duplex problem using the Driver Install Tool in Ubuntu 16.04. The tool will install LPR, CUPSwrapper driver and scanner driver (for scanner models).

  • Configure your router and give your printer a static IP-address.

  • Download linux-brprinter-installer-[version].gz from here

  • Run in terminal:

    gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-[version].gz
    sudo su
    bash linux-brprinter-installer-[version] 'DCP-7065DN'
  • When asked "Will you specify the DeviceURI?":

    • USB Users: Choose N (No)

    • Network Users: Choose Y (Yes) and give DeviceURI (static IP-address)

  • After installation you'll find DCP-7065DN duplex settings in:

System Settings -> Printers -> DCP7065DN -> Properties ->

Printer Options -> Duplex: DuplexTumble / DuplexNoTumble / None

Job Options -> Common Options -> More -> Sides: one-sided / two-sided-long-edge / two-sided-short-edge.


The first copy of DCP7065DN worked for me. Of course there shouldn't be three choices of the same printer in the first place, and I hope someone fixes that.

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