I'm relatively new to Linux, so forgive me if this is a silly question

I know that in windows's command prompt, if you change directories, you can then autocomplete/scan files within that folder by using the tab key, thus saving you time typing out the file name.

is there anything similar to this in linux ubuntu 14.04's terminal? so that i dont need to find the file outside of the terminal and then type it into the terminal.

thanks in advance


In linux there is also Tab complete. It does not cycle through the files tho. if you press tab twice, it will give you a list that matches what you have typed so far. ie.

$:/etc$ ls o *tab * tab*

odbc.ini odbcinst.ini opt/ os-release

$:/etc$ ls o


As an addition to grag42's answer;

Not sure if you understood, but a single tab completes it;

$:/etc$ ls o *tab * tab*

odbc.ini odbcinst.ini opt/ os-release

$:/etc$ ls os *tab*
$:/etc$ ls os-release

This also works for commands, and for some commands it even works as an argument autocomplete (for branchnames in git for example)

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