A friend's mum has some childhood photos on a "thing" she wanted me to access. Turns out to be an old floppy drive. I dusted off my old UltrayBay floppy drive for the T21 laptop I still have kicking around.

I had to reboot to get floppy drive to show on desktop. But it reads all disks as blank, regardless of content. So I cannot say for sure if these photos can be accessed or not.

I know it's ancient tech, but quite important to get working in this instance...

I have tried loading floppy module:

sudo modprobe floppy

But no dice.

  • Do you know that the floppy drive works? Do you know that the floppy disk works? Either, or both, could have failed. – Cry Havok Sep 26 '11 at 20:40

Via the menu option System --> Administration --> Users and Groups

Click on Advanced Settings (bottom right - under your account that is shown - there may be more than one user shown)

Click on User Privileges and check the box that says "Use floppy Drives"

enter image description here

Insert your floppy disk into your disk drive and then type in a terminal:

udisks --mount /dev/fd

Look on your desktop and the floppy icon should be there ready for you to access.



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