I'm trying to mount a remote drive on a server that I have SSH access to using fuse/sshfs

I created a mount point at /mnt/review/server and created the following entry in my fstab, as per ArchWiki:

me@server:/    /mnt/review/dori    fuse.sshfs    defaults,user,noauto,idmap=user,allow_other 0 0

I've also tried a slightly different entry, based on the Ubuntu documentation:

sshfs#me@server:/    /mnt/review/dori    fuse    defaults,user,noauto,idmap=user,allow_other 0 0

Each time, I just get /bin/sh: 1: sshfs: not found - nothing in the system logs.

This did work back when I was running Kubuntu 14.04 - I've since changed to Mint running on Ubuntu 14.04, and now I get this.

It seems like SSHFS is not installed - but I can't find anything helpful on Google for this message. I've also made sure the the fuse package is installed. I'm stuck for how to resolve this.

  • Are you using OpenSSH or an alternative like Dropbear? – camconn Jun 1 '15 at 0:21
  • openssh - never used anything else – HorusKol Jun 1 '15 at 1:04

You need to install sshfs before you go further.

sudo apt-get install sshfs

Now, you should test that everything is working correctly. You should try mounting your server with.

sshfs -o idmap=user $me@server:/ /mnt/review/dori

If that works, unmount the directory with

fusermount -u /mnt/review/dori

The use the second line you posted about from /etc/fstab.

sshfs#me@server:/    /mnt/review/dori    fuse    defaults,user,noauto,idmap=user,allow_other 0 0
  • d'oh - could have sworn I'd checked that package was installed - thanks – HorusKol Jun 1 '15 at 2:19

Since you said sshfs wasn't installed yet, have you tried installing it?

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get install sshfs

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