I am use VM VirtualBox to use Linux system because I wanna to install php on the Linux system I follow all steps to install apache2 , Mysql , php5 ... and then when put localhost in my browser this page what I get lit works but when I try to run any code by php the result does not appear in the browser. What is wrong.

I try to upload photo but I cant https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gblwugj7ymdj8lq/AADPMze-5t_lr1zRYWCAGlpNa this link for my photo


What you have done is correct. Just put the php files in the relavent folder to get it working.

The apache server's root is at /var/www/html. Make sure your place the local website in that location to get it working. You can also change the root server directory and restart the server, if needed.

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