I am in the process of developing a voice controlled home automation system, a big part of which is my media center...currently XBMC running a Rasberry Pi, soon to be Kodi running on a Rasberry Pi 2. I would like to have full programmatic control allowing the user, via voice, touch, or keyboard commands to start/stop video, TV, audio, etc. I know, from experience and from a previous question on this board that there is a somewhat limited HTTP interface controllable through a browser. I would prefer to have the better/complete control like the Yatse, or other android or iphone remotes.

Is there anything like this available?


There used to be a now depricated HTTP GET interface.

That said, the way to go now is JSON-RPC: http://kodi.wiki/view/JSON-RPC_API

It is usable over various transports: TCP,HTTP,locally via python and websockets. The web interface is just an extra.

I suppose this will give you more control over kodi than UPnP because it is the proprietary protocol. But i was just trying to get my head around upnp&kodi when i found your question, so...

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