It started about a week ago, don't know why. Now, when I type something like cd somedir and click Tab, my system completely freezes for about 10 seconds. I can move the cursor but can't switch between windows or terminal tabs. After 10 seconds, everything gets back to normal. Exactly the same thing happens with Ctrl+R.

Even when I'm on a remote host (using ssh), the system freezes, when I try to auto-complete the directories or files using Tab. This all is really annoying.

What's that and how to fix it?

Ubuntu 14.04, x64. Standard distrib. Haven't changed $PATH as far as I remember. Anyway, echo $PATH shows this:

  • What specs does the system have, with which version of Ubuntu? It may be a disk issue as CtrlR and Tab autocompletion need to search through a large amount of stuff on disk to find matches. – Wilf May 30 '15 at 20:41

Do you have unreachable or disconnected nfs mountpoints? I had the same symptoms as you describe and that was the cause in my case.

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