On my server, all but port 22 (ssh) are closed. VNC is possible, but only with a VNC-over-ssh method.

Right now x11vnc is started -forever at boot. With the right ssh tunnel, anybody can initiate a VNC session. I would like VNC sessions to be possible only for a certain group of users (sudoers).

Non-sudoers have legitimate access to the machine via ssh, but how can I make sure that they are denied a VNC session?


You can use the -unixpw option to use the user's OS name/password to authenticate instead of a single shared VNC password. The same option also allows you to specify a list of which users to allow. There are also a couple of other variants of that option (-unixpw_nis & -unixpw_cmd) that offer more ways of hooking into the system security and doing something fancier.

The X11VNC command-line options page will give you a taste of how they work.

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