I install the MySQL from the Ubuntu server CD (15.04). When installation is finished, I found that the configure files under /etc/MySQL/, such as my.cnf and MySQL.cnf are all empty.

So I want to access my database from other terminals, I did the following job:

  1. Created a user for host % with all privileges;
  2. Made firewall utw allowing MySQL;
  3. Insert a line in the my.cnf with: bind-address =;
  4. Restarted the MySQL service.

It has no effect. Remote connections are still denied.

I checked the variables in MySQL, the bind_address variable shows binding with And the netstat command shows that port 3306 is only bound with I don't know why the configure information in my.cnf has no effect?

The configuration file shows below:

bind-address =

Any one can help me?

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In Ubuntu 15.04 the MySQL Server configure file is in:


You can find bind-address here. Comment it (by inserting # at the start of it), and restart your MySQL Server using:

service mysql restart

Then you can access your MysqlServer from other computer. If you can't, perhaps you need grant some right to the user.

You can see MySQL Server bind-address using:

netstat -tap | grep mysql

So you know whether the configuration has taken effect.

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    Thanks for this. I was looking in my.cnf which no longer contains the bind-address
    – Ilan
    May 10, 2016 at 6:14

Line 59 of my.cnf says:

bind-address        =

You'll probably need to change this instead of inserting a new line at the end of the file.

That being said, I recommend, if possible, using SSH with port forwarding to access MySQL remotely instead of opening up your MySQL port to the world.

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