I added excluded folder to Security & Privacy settings and I followed this instructions but all of them seem to be working only when using Unity Dash search.

Inside System and Home Dir. I could find two files with configuration that belong to Synapse, file synapse:

              section="Applications/File Management"\
              command="synapse" \

and config.json:

  "ui" : {
    "global" : {
      "ui-type" : "default",
      "show-indicator" : false

Can I somehow prevent it not to use my specific folder in Synapse search results or it's a different file/app that needs to be edited?


There appeared to be a confusing explanation to my issue, in order to blacklist/exclude activity in desired folder I had to provide a complete path to every folder in subfolders section. Because I blacklisted a folder which has subfolders in it and the funny thing that adding this folder to excluded ones on Security & Privacy settings wasn't enough to block its subfolders in Synapse for some reason it let it through. I don't understand why it doesn't block its subfolders activity when the main (desired) folder is excluded/blacklisted? I guess it's a different question but anyways providing a complete path to each folder solved my issue.

  • where was that path "provided" exactly? – cipricus Oct 14 at 13:19
  • Well it was somewhere in the Settings, the answer is 4 years old, can't quite remember exactly. – JoKeR Oct 15 at 17:19

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