eli5: Is my Linux Mint machine Ubuntu? and what is the difference between ubuntu and say debian? and what other Linux OS's are there out there??

I just say the word Ubuntu and pretend to sound smart in front of my friends muahah!!


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  1. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu which in turn is based on Debian. So there you go! From the Ubuntu website:

Debian can be considered the rock upon which Ubuntu is built. It is a volunteer project that has developed and maintained a GNU/Linux operating system of the same name for well over a decade....


Ubuntu is an open source project that develops and maintains a cross-platform, open-source operating system based on Debian. It includes Unity, a consistent user interface for the smartphone, the tablet and the PC....

  1. You are using Linux Mint and not Ubuntu.

  2. There are hundreds of linux distributions out there - have a look at DistroWatch or this list. This image shows you the connections between several distributions (pretty cool!)

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