I am new to ubuntu, and I cannot seem to solve this problem.

When I try running the command tar -xvf linux.hla.tar.gz, I get the error message

tar: linux.hla.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now.

I have copied it down to the desktop, but I can still not seem to figure it out.

I am trying to install hla for the book "The Art of assembly language" by Randall Hyde.

I also tried tar -xzvf filename.tar.gz, but it didn't work.

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    Are you sure you are in the same directory as the file? – Stephen May 29 '15 at 2:19
  • The file is gzipped too, perhaps you could try tar -xzvf linux.hla.tar.gz. – Marcos Silveira May 29 '15 at 2:19
  • I also tried tar -xzvf filenam.tar.gz, but it didn't work – Tootsky3 May 29 '15 at 2:22

It turns out I was in the wrong directory and I just never changed directories, courtesy of Stephen, who posted in the comments

  • And tar xvf ... is enough. You don't need z or something else. – A.B. May 29 '15 at 5:10
  • Thank you! I thought you needed the z, but that's one less step for my computer! – Tootsky3 May 29 '15 at 11:54

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