I installed POV-Ray by running sudo apt-get install povray but now whenever I run:

povray Jmol.pov.ini

I get the error:

povray: cannot open the user configuration file /home/fusion809/.povray/3.7/povray.conf: No such file or directory

Problem with option setting
povray /home/fusion809/Chem Structures/Crystal structures/Jmol.pov.ini
Failed to parse command-line option

where Jmol.pov.ini is the ini file, that is in the same directory as its corresponding pov file, and both were produced by Jmol. I feared that I may have foolishly removed my .povray directory (as the directory doesn't exist at the location specified in this error message) so I reinstalled povray by running:

sudo apt-get install povray --reinstall 

But unfortunately the .povray directory still doesn't exist and I still get the same error.


I discovered the solution by running dpkg -L povray which told me where all POV-Ray-associated files were and I found the missing povray.conf file was (/etc/povray/3.7/) so I ran this from the terminal (from my home directory):

ln -s /etc/povray/ .povray

which created a virtual link between the directories so that when POV-Ray went looking in the /home/fusion809/.povray/3.7/ directory it found what it was looking for.

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