I tried to compile my java file with an external jar in Ubuntu 14.04.

It works fine after I compile:

jeremy@Ubuntu:~/Desktop/project/src$ javac -classpath lib/jsch.jar MyFile.java

but I have the following error when I tried to run:

jeremy@Ubuntu:~/Desktop/project/src$ java -classpath lib/jsch.jar MyFile
Error: Could not find or load main class MyFile  

From the terminal run:

java -cp .:/path/to/jar/file MyFile  

where you replace /path/to/jar/file with the full path to your external .jar file which in your question is named jsch.jar and -cp is a shorter way of typing -classpath.


. - current directory
: - separator character used to separate class paths
/path/to/jar/file - replace this with the full path to external .jar file

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