I am using Genymotion version 2.3.1 in my Ubuntu machine. I am able to copy files from the host machine to Genymotion by a simple drag and drop method. But I am unable to copy Genymotion data to the host machine. I want to move data from Genymotion to the host machine. How I can transfer data?

  • As a workaround, you can use any file uploading service.
    – Smile4ever
    May 23 '15 at 7:15
  • 1
    @Smile4ever But it is costly and time consuming also... May 23 '15 at 7:52

Try this:

  • Go to your VirtualBox VM settings Shared folder tab (open VirtualBox > select the Android/Genymotion virtual machine > Settings > Shared folders)
  • Add a shared folder with the folder you want to share, and check the auto mount and permanent options
  • Start your VM as usual from the Genymotion software
  • Your shared folder is available in the /mnt/shared directory (multiple shared folders are supported)

Source: Accessing files from Genymotion SD card | Stack Overflow


This feature is not supported with Android 10 (API 29) virtual devices. But You can connect your Android phone to Genymotion and copy your data.

  • I think this answer is less relevant to OP's Genymotion version or overall problem, as it was asked almost 6 years ago, way before Android 10 was introduced..
    – Pizza
    Feb 15 at 12:10

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