I am trying to build a package for ubuntu trusty using sbuild, but few dependencies are available in vivid repo. So, I added the vivid repo with --extra-repository tag with sbuild command. But I am getting the following error with that:

gbp:error: 'sbuild --extra-repository=deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ vivid main' failed: it exited with 255

Any idea how can I resolve this issue? I need that repo to build packages. TIA.


Start sbuild with double quotes for the repository:

sbuild --extra-repository="deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ vivid main"

Check if your user is in the sbuild group with:


If not, use this command:

sudo usermod --append --groups sbuild $USER
  • I did that and it's working. But I am having a new error now: E: 20copyfiles: cp: cannot create regular file '/var/lib/schroot/mount/trusty-ppc64el-f5d89bdd-20c8-44fa-a03b-011037caed86/etc/resolv.conf': No such file or directory E: trusty-ppc64el-f5d89bdd-20c8-44fa-a03b-011037caed86: Chroot setup failed: stage=setup-start Chroot setup failed Finished at 20150525-0043 Build needed 00:00:00, 0k disc space gbp:error: 'sbuild --extra-repository="deb ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports vivid main" ' failed: it exited with 1 Looks like it's running out of space. How do I resolve this? – Pensu May 25 '15 at 5:45
  • Please make a new question. That's an entirely different problem. It's good for your reputation to ask a new question, and the question is more attention. :) – A.B. May 25 '15 at 19:23

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