This is on VirtualBox, guest is Xubuntu 32bits 14.04, host is Windows 8.1 64bits

I should point my hardware does not allow x86 virtualization, hence why VirtualBox only allowed a 32bits VM to be installed.

Side note : It's an AMD FX 6300, although in the specifications it says virtualization supported, my BIOS says otherwise.

  • To see if the video-driver was correctly installed with the guest additions open a terminal in the guest to issue lsmod | grep vbox. It should say vboxvideo. If not you may have to re-install them. – Takkat May 20 '15 at 19:13

When your VM is shut down, change the available video memory to something higher. (I use 128 MB - the max allowed)

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I've had a similar issue with Bodhi Linux. Something in the installer for vboxedition fails. You can temporarily work around the problem but running


If that corrects the issue, then you need to set the system to run vboxuser on start up. You can do this by adding the command to the /etc/rc.local file.

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