recent update has brought a plethora of audio problems.

PC 15.04 x64, DESKTOP_SESSION=ubuntustudio

  • -keyboard volume controls don't work anymore (known issue, IIRC)
  • -Panel volume control on the desktop doesn't work (right clicking can access audio mixer, where the Master volume slider works)
  • App volume controls work. (chrome, clementine, etc..)
  • -I use both headphones and external speakers. recently, if I shut down with my headphones connected, at reboot, there is no speaker audio (headphone OR external). IF I unplug my headphones, then speaker audio resumes....sometimes.
  • Opening Alsamixer and resetting the "Side" control with "M" (Unmute) brings back "normal" speaker functioning (speakers on except when headphones are plugged in, and vice-versa).

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