I have installed MATLAB R2014a on my PC. It was all ok during installation, but at the end when I try to launch the program without sudo permission, I have this error message:

enter image description here

If i try with sudo permission, the program starts well.

  • What likely happened is that you've installed Matlab for root user. Matlab student license only grants permissions to specific username. In other words, you've installed it improperly – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Feb 1 '17 at 16:14

According to the first line it would like to write on your storage, and it didn't have permission. Likely it writes in the /etc directory and it has root owner that's why you need to run it with sudo.


The following worked for me:

  1. Go into the MATLAB installation directory using terminal.

  2. Change installation file type in the sense of permission and execution:

    sudo chmod +x install
  3. Run installer:

    sudo ./install

Apparently the aforementioned method provides permission in the necessary steps.

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