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there is a whole bunch of files all of them who have the pattern


so it is joob then underscore numeric underscore numeric - these are also the only files in the folder if that makes it easier. I want to rename them into

job_2_1 ....

there has to be some way to do that automated ? It is just getting rid of that single letter

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Use rename :

rename 's/^joob/job/' joob_*

This will change the file names starting with joob to job.

Test :

$ ls
joob_1_1  joob_1_2  joob_2_1  joob_2_5

$ rename 's/^joob/job/' joob_*

$ ls
job_1_1  job_1_2  job_2_1  job_2_5

If you want to do it the gui way, here is an alternative to the very good suggestion of heemayl. You can try krename:

sudo apt-get install krename

this is as powerful as rename (with the exception that it can't be piped to in a script). enter image description here

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