I have a Sony vaio VPCEJ equipped with an Nvidia Gforce 410m with cuda ,currently I am under ubuntu 14.04 and using the Nouveau Nvidia driver for my graphic card because I found it to be the most stable ,there is only one problem I can't get the brightness control to work ,I tried installing the proprietary Drivers but somehow the graphics quality went down so lets roll that fix from the answers :D

my question : how can I get the brightness control under Nouveau drivers ? any tweak or work around ? third party program ? any thing I am open to it


WAW it was simple ,I downloaded the official Nvidia driver from Nvidia Drivers Download then I give it executable permission

then I closed the X-server using Ctrl+Alt+F1

in that command line I typed


I followed the installer until it's done ,after reboot my Brightness was working just fine.

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