I want to screencast my minecraft gaming.

I did this firstly with recordmydesktop (and gtk-recordmydesktop). It works fine, but the file size is too high (564MB for about 5 min).

I also tested Kazam and switched the Codec to H264, AVI and WEBM. The file size is even larger.

Any suggestions for programs or other solutions?

  • You have to reduce the size of the recording. try fmpeg -y -i your_recording.mp4 -s 480x320 -threads 8 -f webm -vcodec libvpx -deinterlace -g 120 -level 216 -profile 0 -qmax 42 -qmin 10 -rc_buf_aggressivity 0.95 -vb 2M -acodec libvorbis -aq 90 -ac 2 your_recording.webm – Panther May 16 '15 at 15:42
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    I think this question is more specific. – karel Jun 3 '20 at 8:23


It's free, and you can get it from the Ubuntu Software Center or in a terminal:

sudo apt install vokoscreen

You can change the filetype easily, the files aren't too large, and it can also record the computers sound.

enter image description here

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    I've changed your answer something. If you do not agree, then you can create your version again: askubuntu.com/posts/624544/revisions Use the rollback link. – A.B. May 16 '15 at 16:40
  • Good one now! ;-) – Fabby May 16 '15 at 17:40
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    I just tested this and it worked surprisingly well. I've done RecordMyDesktop many times and this is nicer in many ways. It interacted easily with webcam. Can easily indicate a window sided recording area, then move items in and out of recording frame. I had to run pavucontrol to activate input sound, all else was easy. I don't see many formats in which to save, maybe I'm missing some libraries. I do get good mkv output. I had grown used to ogv output, don't know if I'd rather have mkv or not. – pauljohn32 Feb 3 '17 at 3:00

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