I've looked at the answers on this question, but none of them solved my problem:

How can I repair grub? (How to get Ubuntu back after installing Windows?)

My system is partitioned as follows. /dev/sdb5 is Ubuntu's root partition.

enter image description here

I installed Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu. All my Ubuntu partitions (except swap) have the btrfs filesystem.

Installing Windows left me unable to boot in Ubuntu. Running a live USB, the live Ubuntu was not able to find the Ubuntu partitions using os-prober, probably due to this bug.

I'd like to get Ubuntu booting again. Can you help me?


Use this image and start from USB, when using yumi (pendrivelinux.com) choose install unlisted ISO (grub) option.


You can detect OSes and also repair grub.


  • Insert bootmedia in to its drive (e.g. USB or CD/DVD)
  • Set the media to be the first booting device in BIOS
  • Then boot; if you used yumi select "grub bootable isos or xp/7..." choose the SGD2
  • Find out where your Linux is installed (detect any OS) and select
  • Install GRUB using

    sudo grub-install /dev/YOURLINUXDRIVE

  • Finished

  • -

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