I was trying to create an alias so as to launch matlab easier.

I read this post :How to create a permanent "alias"? and I used the commands in this line

echo "alias "/home/user/matlab/bin/matlab='matlab'" >> ~/.bash_aliases && source ~/.bash_aliases

Then every time I tried to launch matlab I get the error get the error "Segmentation violation detected".

Plus, in the terminal I have the message

"bash: alias: « /home/vangel/matlab/bin/matlab » : nom d'alias non valable".

Could you help me find out what's happening? (I'm new to linux and I hope I described well my problem)

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you don't have to make an alias. Easily just add the matlab bin directory to your PATH.


add this line also to .bashrc and then source .bashrc if you want to make it permanent. NOw you can run the command matlab with no need to create an alias.

But to know your error above, you probably have understand syntax of alias in wrong way.

The command syntax is

alias alias-name="command"


alias l='ls -CF'

So in your case you have to write alias in this way

alias matlab='/home/user/matlab/bin/matlab'

So correct the writing and either insert it to .bash_aliases or add it directly to .bashrc and then run comman source .bashrc or source .bash_aliases

Another way of thinking.

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