I want to be able to move the current tab from the window (with other tabs) to a new window, in the foreground, keeping all other tabs open. I'm using Google Chrome, always up to date, on Ubuntu 14.04.2.

I'm happy for a script / extension / similar.

Bear in mind I have a number of windows open (maybe 3 or 4).

It can't be closing and reopening the tab because I may have unsaved details (e.g. I'm taking a screenshot of the typed content).


Use Tab To Window extension of chrome. it will provide you several shortcuts to manage your tabs.

For example, use Alt+Shift+X to move the active tab to a new window.

The shortcuts are customisable.


There is an extension called Tab Manager

Install it and easily you can do what you want

enter image description here

When you click on + as shown in the picture this will detach the current tab to a new window

  • For me the + creates a new window. It's better that trying to drag, so +1 but it is some quite precise mouse control needed, so I'd like to see if I get another answer. – Tim May 15 '15 at 17:29
  • @Tim I'll wait with you, a bash script or terminal command will be amazing. i like to know if there is such method – Maythux May 15 '15 at 17:31

Personally I can't live without Vimium as it lets me do so much more than just move tabs.

You can easily open a tab into a new window with W or you can search across all your open tabs (in all windows) with T or open a url from your history with O. If you were editing text in an input field you may need to hit Esc first to "unselect" the field, but that is common with "modal" editors like Vim which Vimium borrows many of its ideas and key mappings from.

A new tab is just a t away as well.

Sadly it doesn't have any direct "send tab to a specific window" options like Tab to Window (or at least the version I used to use on Firefox allowed that), but it sounds like you don't need that.

For actually moving tabs to organize them I use the extension Tabs Outliner which works great and lets you "tag" windows and tabs with notes, and the BEST feature is that you can simply hit Ctrl+s to save out the entire list of tabs to send via email or backup with Dropbox/Drive/etc.

  • I use Vimium, and I didn't know about the W this is good thanks! – 7wp Nov 18 '18 at 6:28

In case someone is interested in a current solution without extensions:

If you just start typing the name of the website you want to access or highlight the URL and press Shift+Return, a new detached window will open.

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