I am using VLC player to take a camera feed and stream it to a web server. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 server in vmware with a GUI installed. The stream works fine but VLC is only using 1/6 cores. The one that it is using is constantly at 100% usage and will jump from core to core. For example, cpu1 will be at 100% and then drop to 10% and then cpu5 will jump to 100% for another 10 seconds. I gave the machine 128M graphics ram in vmware but I'm not sure how to start using that. Any way to split the load between all the cpus?


you check documentation commandline default? https://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Advanced_Use_of_VLC/

or try configure flags compiler for your ubuntu https://wiki.videolan.org/Configure/

Guy, VLC is a APPLICATION depending on the SYSTEM OPERATION, then to enable the CORE's your processor is necessary to compile the kernel.



You can set number of threads in video codec settings. For instance, go to VLC settings and set ffmpeg number of threads to 6. It will automatically use all cpu's.

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