I bought a font from myfonts.com, and installed it on my system by clicking on the .TTF file I received and in the dialog that came up there was a button that said "Install Font". Seemed to work, but after a while I realized only certain programs were seeing the font. Wine programs, like Photoshop don't see it, OpenOffice doesn't see it. Inkscape does.

I looked in my .fonts folder, and clicked on the .TTF file, and this is what I see:

font dialog

It can't be a good thing that the "Name" field is blank, and there is a question mark under "Style". I'm guessing the blank name is why it's not showing up in some program's lists, but it may just be a symptom of a deeper misconfiguration.

How do I get this font to be properly named and registered in my system so that it appears in all programs?

  • Did the font in the original file you got off myfonts.com have a name? – Jamie May 15 '15 at 20:07
  • @Jamie, the font has a name, Museo Sans Rounded 700, but as far as I can tell, that name isn't in any way connected with the meta data of the file, as described in the question. – Questioner May 16 '15 at 5:51
  1. Install ttx tools

    sudo apt-get install fonttools
  2. Convert ttf to ttx (XML file)

    ttx fontfile.ttf
  3. Open it for editing

    gedit fontfile.ttx

    Search for <namerecord nameID="1" ... > ... </namerecord> (and may be nameID="4" too)

    Put the name you want in <namerecord nameID="1"> here </namerecord>

  4. Save it & Reconstruct the font

    ttx fontfile.ttx

Source: Change TTF font name

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