Updated to 15.04, Im using sddm display manager and it shows error: /dev/sdb: No medium found with starting version 219. Some of the features on recovery mode show ERROR GETTING AUTHORITY. Once the computer suspends it will not boot again, I have to restart the computer and enter through recovery mode with normally start. This started to happen when i did an update packages were: linux-headers- 3.19.0-17(3.19.0-17.17). Any solutions? thanks


I had a similar problem.I just removed my official nvidia driver and switched back to my nouveau driver using the recovery mode.But this isn't a driver which gives you the acceleration you need.If you are not using an nvidia graphics card don't do what I am saying in this post.This was what I have done to switch back to nouveau.

apt-get remove --purge nvidia*

Then reboot.

Stop sddm using service.

I had blacklisted my nouveau. So, removed the file which I created to blacklist.

After a reboot again I started my display manager.

But from the next time it took a lot of time to load. It was the nvidia driver which bugged me. If you also have the same problem look into this. Hope this is helpful.

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