When I try to add a second email account to my Geary (version 0.8.3 on Ubuntu 15.04), the 'Add' button of the account dialogue window remains inactive. Despite having filled in all required fields. Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, I have a localized version installed (German). Hence, I don't know the exact button names of the English form. However, you can see the button Hinzufuegen, which says 'Add'. This very button is not clickable but remains inactive.

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    It might help if you post a screenshot of the screen you are talking about. Please edit your question and add the screenshot (or a link to the screenshot) May 13, 2015 at 19:15

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It seems like already one year ago - but I could have the solution, because I had the same problem: Type in both the passwords, else the "Hinzufügen"-Button (Add) will not be activated.

Hope that helps at least other guys who googles this.


The nickname field is required but does not give a visual indication that it is.

Try putting something in the nickname field and see if the Add button appears.

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