I've compiled Gamit/Globk software from the source codes. The installation directory's path "/home/sorbilene/GAMIT".

I need to create links and set environment variables to run the software without problem. I'm a new user for ubuntu so I don't get them exactly. The below are the necessary links and setting variables.

1-) Making required ~/gg link to newly installed software:

ln -s -f /home/sorbilene/GAMIT ~/gg

2-)Don't forget to set your : path to include

 /home/sorbilene/GAMIT/gamit/bin and /home/sorbilene/GAMIT/kf/bin 

                     : HELP_DIR environment variable in you shell profile
                       (in .cshrc/.tcshrc add: setenv HELP_DIR /home/sorbilene/GAMIT/help/)
                     : INSTITUTE evnironment variable in your shell profile
                       (in your .cshrc/.tcshrc add: setenv INSTITUTE where_i_work)
                       where_i_work is a 3 character identifier for your solutions 

Could anyone explain, what they're stand for and how can I set these paths?

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Making required ~/gg link to newly installed software:

you have to run

ln -s /home/sorbilene/GAMIT/bin/the-executable(binary-command) ~/gg

example: if i have a file in my home called a.txt and want to make a link on desktop then run the command ln -s ~/a.txt ~/Desktop

If i want to rename the link to a new name suppose b.txt ln -s ~/a.txt ~/Desktop/b.txt

How to set PATH

To set PATH environment. Add the path of the binaries to the PATH.


Now to make this persistent to this user you have to add to .bashrc

gedit .bashrc

and then add this line


save and close then run the command

source .bashrc

Open your terminal and type:

cd ~

gksu gedit .bashrc

and out these lines in the file:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/gamit/gamit/bin

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/gamit/kf/bin

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/gamit/com

export HELP_DIR=/usr/local/gamit/help/


You'll need to provide the path according to your installation.

Refer here.

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