I have the latest installs of network-manager and network-manager-gnome. I installed Ubuntu Server LTS 14.04, then installed Cinnamon on top of that.

I have LAN network connection (can browse, etc.).

However, the network manager applet doesn't show the network connection as an icon, or when I click and open it. It's an empty list.

  • If I sudo service network-manager stop the applet disappears.
  • If I later sudo service network-manager start the applet appears again.

So presumably the applet knows about the network-manager service or the other way around perhaps.

How can I make the applet reflect the actual connected network(s)?

  • I'm having the same problem since yesterday. I remember doing system updates. – Philippe Gerber May 12 '15 at 7:19

So I had the same problem after updating from 14.10 to 15.04.; the networks were still connecting, but the network manager didn't show any connections or interfaces.

What solved it for me was doing sudo apt-get dist-upgrade as some packages were held back.

The network manager in Cinnamon looks good again.


My solution was to edit /etc/network/interfaces and removed the line with my wired ethernet connection.

So long as the connection is listed in the interfaces file network-manager considers it as unmanaged (i.e. network-manager doesn't manage it), hence the nm-applet doesn't reflect the connection status.

I rebooted after editing and the nm-applet behaved!

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