All of the resources I can find provide detailed instructions for sharing Linux printers with Windows over SAMBA.

I would like to do the opposite.

I currently have CUPS configured so that it can add and print to printers shared from a Windows print server.

The problem is that I must manually configure the printer and select which driver it uses.

Is there any "out of the box" way to automatically determine the appropriate driver and/or autoconfigure a printer accessed via samba? If there are command line approaches I am comfortable wrapping them up in a script if need be. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'd love to see something like this. It's really annoying having to add all of my school's 20+ printers (separate buildings). – TheWanderer May 11 '15 at 13:27

This is the trick:

  • Add a print$ share in smb.conf if it doesn't already exist
  • Move the Windows drivers into /usr/share/cups/drv
  • Run cupsaddsmb -H localhost -U root -a -v

You can find more info at:

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