I followed the steps in this post : How can I install photoshop cs6 on ubuntu 14.04?

Everything went fine until I got stuck on Step 3 because of a requirement issue in the installation process. The installation probably detects my OS is not a windows one and desactivates the Install button as shown in this picture.

enter image description here

Is there a way to circumvent this verification step? Any other advice to help succeed in installing Photoshop with wine? (I'd rather install with Wine than use a windows virtual machine)

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Unfortunately, in Wine, WinXP tends to be the current 'OS' to set up with on a default setup. So, we need to tell Wine to emulate a Windows 7 environment instead of a Windows XP environment.

First, close the Photoshop installer completely. Next, run winecfg. In the "Applications" tab, where it says "Windows Version", select Windows 7 from the drop down.

Restart the installer, and it should help fix it and it'll see Win7 instead of WinXP.

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