Android (my phone and tablet) and Windows 8 (desktop, netbook, laptop) devices are able to connect my WIFI.

When I boot my laptop with Windows 8, it's able to connect my WIFI.

When I boot same laptop with Ubuntu it's trying to connect sometime and says like: "Disconnected from Wifi" Also with Ubuntu my laptop can connect other WIFI modems.

I think there is problem with Ubuntu and my modem Huawei HG552E.

1- I've changed almost every mode of WIFI setting in modem interface. 2- Also tried to disable password protection for WIFI. 3- With fresh installation with 15.04 also does not working.
4- I'm able to connect internet with wired cable.

I'm not able to connect WIFI with 3 different Ubuntu please help :( http://prntscr.com/73c2a1


This is a firmware problem in HG552e modems. I was trying to solve this problem for 9-10 days. A few minutes ago, I saw that post in ubuntu-tr forums.

The man says the following:

  • first download this package.
  • Extract the package. Open your modem interface.
  • Install HG552eV100R001C192B013_upgrade_main.bin file as software update via modem interface.

This steps solved my problem.


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