Are the following ways of suspending 14.04 the same?

  • Choose menu for suspend
  • close the laptop lid cover
  • run pm-suspend.

What are their differences? Any suggestions on when to use which?


Ubuntu 14.04 uses upstart so yes suspend in all the cases you mentioned will trigger pm-suspend. However, with systemd which is the default in 15.04, pm-suspend is not used but instead you can use systemd's own suspend/resume services (to trigger specific actions).


It depends on your settings. If in "Power Management" is set to suspend, when you close the lid, then it is same. But settings may differ. You can choose i.e. to hibernate, when close the lid, etc.

By default it is same.

You can try pm-hibernate, ot pm-suspend-hybrid too. They are different.

And also suspend menu item can be linked to "hybrid". But this does not work well on all systems.

  • Thanks. Any difference between choosing menu's suspend and running pm-suspend? – Tim May 9 '15 at 16:00
  • This menu item runs this command. So no difference. – Pilot6 May 9 '15 at 16:01

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