I would like to run Ubuntu 12.04 for use with Ubuntu TV I would prefer this to be a ARM PC can I use a Raspberry Pi? If so how do I set it up? I have a Model B rev.2 but if it won't work then what is a recommended to use as a ARM V6 or later system?



in section "ARM Processor" is text with small font "Limited support for earlier instruction sets (ARMv5t, ARMv6) was available in early releases of the ARM port (jaunty, karmic)."


it seems, that you have no luck with raspeberry pi 1, i recomend you to use PI 2

  • Use of a Raspberry Pi 2 doesn't really improve the situation in running 12.04. Snappy isn't even supported fully though it is available for it. Ubuntu MATE is available for the Raspberry Pi 2 but is in version 15.04 and not 12.04 as the question asks. – Stephen Michael Kellat May 4 '15 at 21:34

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