I've recently installed Xubuntu 15.04 on my desktop

The video playback was kinda slow and buggy so I installed the nvidia drivers (the gpu is an onboard 7025)

As some people, I get the "ACPI PPC Probe ..." message, but after 20 seconds or so, the system boots just fine, also the video playback is fine and there doesn't seem to be any graphic issues

My question is: Should I be worried about that message popping every time I boot? and what does it exactly means?

I didn't found any answers to that, just workarounds for people who can't pass the message


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The message is harmless. In fact it is 2 messages


ACPI PCC Probe failed

It is a new built-in feature of the 3.19 kernel. It just states that it did not found some PCC software or hardware. I don't know much about it.


Starting version 219

This is a message from systemd, stating it is starting. 219 is the systemd version.

You can safely ignore them.

  • But my system doesn't boot at all after the "harmless" messages...
    – Sardinha
    Jul 8, 2015 at 15:06

I have found a solution to this problem which doesn't require any workaround. In the end I have the Nvidia driver.

My configuration is: Xubuntu 15.04, with a GeForce 960 GPU.

I get the same message than you after installing Nvidia driver through apt-get. So here is my solution:

  1. Go to Cuda Downloads and download the Runfile Installer you need for your distribution.
  2. Ctrl + Alt + F1 and log to your account.
  3. Stop all graphics: sudo service lightdm stop (or sudo service dm stop).
  4. Purge all Nvidia stuff: sudo apt-get remove-purge nvidia-*.
  5. Go where you put the Runfile, make it executable and run it with the following commands:

    chmod u+x cuda_7.*_linux.run
    sudo ./cuda_7.*_linux.run
  6. Follow the instruction, you may not want to install the Cuda toolkit or driver it is up to you I guess. (I wanted them so I installed them).

  7. Configure the X server: sudo nvidia-xconfig.

  8. reboot: sudo reboot.

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