I have been trying to get ipython installed, and, using pip, I did a local user install to ~/.local/. This had some trouble, and I wasn't sure if my python path was set correctly in order to find it. But one that is weird, to me, is that my ~/.local/lib directory cannot be accessed. When I try to cd into it, I get "Permission Denied":

me@localhost:.local$cd lib/
bash: cd: lib/: Permission denied

I do not have the same problem with the other subfolders of .local.

FYI, I am doing this on an installation of trusty on an Acer chromebook with xfce4. Things are otherwise working.


A the command below in your terminal

sudo chown -R "$USER":"$USER" ~/.local/lib

If that is not enough, even this command (note the uppercase X)

sudo chmod -R +X ~/.local/lib

from man chown

       chown - change file owner and group

from man chmod

execute/search only if the file is a directory or already has execute permission
for some user (X)
  • Yup, that did it. – user2379888 May 3 '15 at 16:30

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