I can still see the wifi networks that are available and attempt to connect to them but the connection doesn't work. I'm using a laptop and I have connected to these networks successfully before the update. The wired networking works fine. Please help me. What other information do I need to post ?


Try the following command in your terminal as suggested in this thread:

sudo mv /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-3160-12.ucode /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-3160-10.ucode

  • It says there is no such directory. – LIPresume May 11 '15 at 23:34

My fix was: 1. Plug in ethernet cable 2. Turn off wifi (from gnome panel / from hardware button) 3. Restart

After login, turn on wifi and try to connect wifi network


I had this issue and it also affected my mouse - couldn't use mouse or connect to wifi. All devices were found, but I was getting a bunch of errors.

Turned out that I reset BIOS to factory defaults (then updated them to what I thought I needed) and this was my problem. I had to go back into the BIOS and find a little setting called "IOMMU". Enabling this solved all my issues.

I found this out by looking in dmesg and finding a little nugget that said something like "couldn't find MMU... disabling. blah blah...". Once it was enabled, the irq remapping gets enabled and (i guess) the IRQs don't bash anymore.

Anyways - hope this helps others in a similar situation.

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